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In line with conventional medical training, training in naturopathic medicine requires a minimum of seven years of post-secondary education from a recognized school before being allowed to register as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) in Ontario. She or he must have an undergraduate degree, have completed premedical undergraduate coursework, and have completed a four-year, accredited, naturopathic medical education. Graduates must pass two sets of provincial licensing board exams and are required to keep their registration current throughout their career by completing at least 70 hours every three years of approved continuing education.

Naturopathic education encompasses basic and diagnostic sciences – including anatomy, clinical physiology, biochemistry, pathology, embryology, immunology, pharmacology, physical and clinical diagnosis, and lab diagnosis – as well as conventional and naturopathic approaches to improving and maintaining patients’ health.

NDs collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals through consultation and referral.

NDs identify and manage the root cause of a disease or disorder, not just its symptoms. Naturopathic medicine involves a functional medicine approach to healthcare, identifying the biochemical and physiological imbalances within the individual, using natural, scientifically proven solutions to rectify these imbalances.

NDs focus on naturally occurring substances, minimally invasive methods, and the promotion of natural healing. The emphasis of naturopathic medicine is on the prevention of illness through stress reduction and a healthy diet and lifestyle.

NDs are trained in a variety of modalities (therapies) and techniques, focusing on the individual patient. NDs take the time to complete a full history and screening of each patient and work collaboratively with other professionals in the patient’s health care team to get to the root of health concerns. An ND’s bottom line is to help patients achieve an optimum level of health.

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